the platform

Our solution relies on powerful platform, dealing with data collection, data augmentation and mobility profiling with a predictive approach. Our platform fetches our customer’s mobility data coming from any source and performs an augmentation process through contextualization, using information on the road topology, environment,  traffic or weather conditions of the driver’s ride among others. Once data is augmented, we process the data with the help of our predictive algorithms that extract the most relevant features to explain risk exposure, eco efficiency and car wear to create user profiles.

By explaining the Total Cost of Mobility (TCM), the mobility profiles are of proven interest for fleet managers, car sharing operators, insurance companies, OEMs or any other actor in the mobility ecosystem, enabling them to create innovative and dynamic pricing schemes based on user behavior and to provide active coaching to keep even traditionally high-cost users under a competitive offer.

How does it work?

Data Collection

Whether you use smartphones, OBD dongles or connected vehicle data, our platform will be able to fetch it using adequate interfaces.

Data Augmentation

Basic GPS data is enriched with contextual data, such as road topology, road signs and POIs, weather and traffic conditions.

Objective Scoring

Our smart algorithms give for any single trip and individual driver an assessment on risk exposure, eco-efficiency and car wear.


Through our visualization dashboards, we provide our customers with deep-insights on their mobility data, helping them to integrate the scores into their business.
Motion-S API

Our API is our offer for customers having already done some first steps into the world of telematics. We offer access to our API, which is able to handle several millions of trips per hour. Customers can submit driving data, let it being processed and allows them to fetch profiles.

The API methods aim at giving developers the tool to easily integrate the telematics data, either generated by our SDK or by self-managed devices, into our profiling and analytics platforms. API access and the data processed is secured and privacy compliant, since the API is completely agnostic about user personal information.

Sign up and use our easy-to-work and powerful API. Look at our monthly subscriptions for more options.

Motion-S SDK

Collecting driving data is the first step to enter into the vehicle telematics world. Smartphone-based data collection is the way to go in case there is no hardware-based data collection solution in the vehicles. The Motion-S SDK provides a fully native Software Development Kit for Android and iOS that allows the smart detection of trip start and end, the collection of location data at a high sampling rate and the pushing of the aggregated trip data through the Motion-S API.

For customers interested in integrating the SDK into their own (existing or new) apps, Motion-S offers consultancy for the integration of gamification layers for final users. A gamified app encourages the user to provide trip data, gives feedback on driving style, performance, areas of improvement and possible incentives. Gamification can include loyalty, reward & offers systems.

The integration of convenience services for payment (parking, fuel at the pump or maintenance management) enables the creation of ecosystems for our customers beyond their classical product offering.