Motion-S was incorporated in 2014 as a first spin-off of the relatively young University of Luxembourg. Today, five years after the company has been founded, all of our team members bear the scientific spirit, with the common focus to generate a new era in mobility – making traffic safer, greener and more efficient.

The idea and vision for Motion-S solutions is to objectively assess risk for accidents, making it feasible for insurance companies to better adjust their pricing to the actual driver’s behavior – all that having in mind to improve driving skills, making traffic more safe and efficient.


2014 - The Start

Motion-S is founded as the very first spin-off of the University of Luxembourg.

2015 - Game of Roads

Motion-S launches its first mobile app Game of Roads and wins two awards: the Best Mobile App of the Year Marketers Award and the Mind & Market Award.

2016 - CYEL Award

The company participates in the Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg competition and wins the 2nd prize.


2017 - Startup Award

Motion-S is named Startup of the Year by IT Nation Luxembourg and honored with the GOLDEN-i Award.

2017 - GoodDrive

The company receives the Best Innovation in Insurance Infinance Award for its mobile app GoodDrive.

2018 - CES Las Vegas

Motion-S is selected as one out of five participants as a representative of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg at CES Las Vegas and joins InsurLab Germany, an initiative fostering startups in InsurTech.


2018 - Investment

FEBIAC, the federation for car and two wheels for Luxembourg and Belgium, enters a strategic partnership with Motion-S.

2019 - Fairs & Labels

The company participates once again to CES Las Vegas as Luxembourg representative and exhibits at the Mobile World Congress partner event 4YFN. The company is awarded with the label “Made in Luxembourg”.





As a spin-off from the University of Luxembourg, we have a strong scientific background, that drives us every single day to understand mobility in its core.


Innovation comes with the capability to think outside-the-box. We foster creativity among our team members – making it possible to forge new solutions.


We are responsible for the world we live in – thus we are striving to make roads safer, reducing accidents and fostering a sustainable environmental approach.


We are revolutionizing the mobility business – as such we deliver customer-oriented and best-in-class solutions to give our clients a head-start in telematics.
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